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Luke Schrab and his twin brother Adam were both professional skiers from the mid 90′s up until the early to mid 2000′s.  They trained and competed in skiing events on an international level and even competed in big air contests at the X Games. However skilled they were and however deep their passion for skiing went, both of the brothers came to the realization that they needed to get a college degree to continue on living the lifestyle they had dreamed about.

Both Luke and Adam Schrab gave up skiing in competition to earn their bachelors degrees in civil and mechanical engineering but they never lost touch with their true passion for skiing.  After several years of tossing around ideas Adam and Luke finally figured out a way they could incorporate their passion for skiing with their knowledge of engineering by creating a product that’s likely to take the snow sports world by storm.  The product is called mSnow and the idea is to provide a way for snowboarders and skiers to train all year round in the comfort of their own environment

Similar to snowflex, mSnow is a revolutionary product that allows snowboarders  and skiers the ability to ride during the spring, fall, and summer months. Typically, artificial snow is difficult for the average, everyday consumer to get their hands on and in more cases than not, artificial snow was designed and manufactured with the big camps and large orders in mind.

Sending it on mSnow

Most of the time artificial snow is expensive in small quantities which in turn puts it out of the reach of the everyday snow sports enthusiast.  Luke and Adam Schrab wanted to change the way artificial snow was being presented in the United States and decided to engineer a product that could be made readily available to anyone who had an interest in riding on artificial snow.

Cheaper, stronger, and easier to order were the attributes that Adam and Luke made sure mSnow had.  Making sure mSnow had these main features would mean that you, the everyday rider, would get access to a product that allows riding all year long instead of just riding during the winter months.

mSnow comes in two different models, orange and white.  Orange being the residential grade mSnow that was designed for backyard set ups and white being the commercial grade mSnow that was designed for large applications such as parks and camps.  Both orange and white mSnow come in 1 square foot sections that are made of high density plastic and can be easily screwed down to just about any surface.  Each individual section of mSnow interlocks with it’s adjoining section to form one seamless surface of artificial snow.

Both orange and white mSnow are made from high density plastic that was engineered to last nearly a lifetime.  Resitant to UV rays and strong enough to last many years, mSnow is actually softer than the base on your skies or snowboard.  That means that mSnow will not do permanent damage to the gear you’re using to shred on it.  mSnow is also accompanied by a specially engineered synthetic wax that allows for easier transfer of motion when riding on an mSnow covered surface.

You can find mSnow in countless camps across the United States including Windells, Camp of Champions, Ohio Dreams, Landing Pad, and Snogression.  You will also start to see mSnow popping up in backyards all over the world so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for orange covered set ups taking over a backyard near you!

OR, you could visit the mSnow website and go ahead and place your order for your very own mSnow set up now.  mSnow is super affordable, easy to set up,  and it will allow you to shred all year long!  Imagine how much you could progress as a rider if you didn’t have to take any time off from snowboarding.  mSnow can give you the time you need to become the rider you want to be.

Luke and Adam Schrab are extremely nice guys who are really proud of what mSnow has to offer.  If  you have any questions regarding mSnow feel free to contact Luke or Adam and they will be happy to assist you in getting your setup covered with mSnow as soon as possible.  Be sure and use the links below to find out more about mSnow!


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I'm just a never going pro snowboarder who loves progression, cold beers, and having a good time no matter what!
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  • Hi Guys great video looking forward to working with you. we are pretty excited and i am sure you will be happy with our distribution. i hope your mold is ready to perform…look ready to get samples and sell it….don

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